The Abominable Book Club is a monthly subscription box for the macabre-minded reader.


When you sign up for The Abominable Book Club, you will receive a FULL GUTS package from us every month, containing:

- a BRAND NEW Horror or Thriller book!

- A Luxury snack made in the UK!

- A mysterious, (probably haunted) secondhand book in the horror or thriller genre! 

- One of our featured magazines, including Black Static, The Ghastling and Hellebore!

- An exclusive bookmark featuring micro-fiction written by Owen Morgan!

- A handful of hot beverages to keep you warm at night!

- And 1-2 bonus surprises each month...

Don't want all the extra stuff? That's cool, we have a books-only version too - just sign up for the BARE BONES edition!

The Abominable Book Club contains all the dark magic of a haunted bookshop, summoned directly to your doorstep! 

Meet Our Team


Owen Morgan is an author of the sort of stories one might find scrawled on an asylum wall in poo, and the co-creator of The Abominable Book Club. 


Gavin is the sort of man you turn to when you need to hide a body. He is the co-creator of The Abominable Book Club and member of the band FORT.

Brother Immanas Usef

Brother Immanas is the Head Librarian at the Accursed Library. Once a man of faith, he has long since been corrupted by the darkness. He's not that bad once you get to know him. 

Are you ready to join us?